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Notes on Benjamin Holroyd

This portrait of Benjamin Holroyd has been provided by Bob Holroyd, of Wisconsin, a descendant of Benjamin's son, William.

           We are not really sure of Benjamin Holroyd's year of birth. If we assume he was between twenty and thirty years old when he was married in 1773, then he would have been born between 1743 and 1753 and the portrait would have been painted between 1812 and 1822 when he was 69 years old.
           The parish records of Leeds and Chapel Allerton show his marriage to Grace Nicholson in 1773 and the baptisms of three children; Sarah, 1775; William, 1776; John, 1779. These records also show the death of Benjamin's wife, Grace Holroyd, in 1781.
           No further record of Benjamin's daughter, Sarah, has been found, but his sons, William and John, were both married, at Leeds, on the same day in 1802.
           Additional research may enable us to learn more about Benjamin Holroyd's origins and life.

           See also Notes on William Holroyd.

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