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From the West Union newspaper, West Union, Iowa, June 1913. (unfortunately incomplete)

Obituary of Hollis S. Day

           The remains of Hollis S. Day arrived Saturday evening from Tacoma, Wash., accompanied by his daughter, Mrs. Imo Strawn, and son, Frank. They were met at the train by relatives and friends and went direct to the cemetery for burial by the side of his wife who died thirty-three years ago last April. The funeral being held at the home in Tacoma, Wash., and at the grave. Rev. D. M. Parker officiated and music by Mrs. J. A. Claxton, Miss Buchlman and Professors J. W. Crain and J. S. McIntosh. The casket bearers were G. D. Rathbun, C. Estey, H. M. Bailey, P. Widger, C. Elliott and H. Gray. Mr. Day was born in Underhill, Vermont, Feb. 19, 1834, and died June 17, in a hospital in Tacoma, Wash. At the time he was living with his daughter, Mrs. Imo Strawn. He had been in the habit of going to bed early in the evening and then would awaken early in the morning. He got up some times before the family and take a morning walk. On June 11, Wednesday morning, he got up early as usual and started out, the yard being terraced up so there was about four steps to the main walk. Mr. Day fell going down those steps striking in such a way as to sprain both wrists and fracture his jaw but he got up and was in a dazed condition as he wandered down the street. A policeman found him and not knowing who he was took him to the hospital where he was put in bed and received medical attention. In the meantime the family was getting up and Mrs. Strawn not finding her father phoned to her brother Frank to see if he was there . Not being there Frank soon located him. He recognized Frank but was unable to make himself understood only in part and being seventy-nine years of age the fall was such a shock to him he could not rally and passed away Tuesday.........ding active service for a time then was promoted as private secretary having charge of all important correspondence, remaining until the close of the war he came to Maquoketa, Iowa., in 1865, and in 1866 went to Illinois where he was united in marriage to Miss Kate Day after which Mr. and Mrs. Day came to Iowa, then coming to Fayette. They owned and conducted a hotel where the S. D. Rathbun residence now stands and there is where his wife passed away leaving six children Fred, Cora, Imo, Frank, Nellie and Inez, three have joined their mother, Fred, Cora and Nellie. The remaining three, Mrs. Imo Strawn, Frank and Miss Inez all living in Tacoma, Wash., and Mr. Day has made his home with these children for the past ten years. Mr. Day was a brother of...........[incomplet]

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