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AllFam:  Critical Families and Other Starting Points

          This page provides a set of links to take you to a suitable starting point for exploration of the linked individual pages.

The DAY Family

  • Samuel Day born 1748 Gloucester, Massachusetts, died 1829 Jericho, Vermont. Possibly descended from Anthony Day of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Many descendants of Samuel moved west, some remained in New England.
  • Eunice Fay born 1751, Stafford, Connecticut, died 1808, Jericho, Vermont. Descended from John Fay of Marlborough, Massachusetts.

The HANSON Family

  • Matthew Hanson of Keighley, Yorkshire, born 1734, died 1793. Descended from early Hansons in Keighley and Kildwick parishes. Some of Matthew's decendants still live in the area. Some have emigrated to America and other countries.


  • John Sackville from the Cheviot Hills near the River Tweed, born about 1782, died after 1848 near Bewdley, Ontario, Canada. Most of John Sackville's descendants live in Canada...some in the United States. His origins remain a mystery.


  • Carsten Gottburg of Schuby, Schleswig-Holstein. Born in the late 1600s he has many descendants in the nearby villages of Ellingstedt and Hollingstedt. Some of his descendants emigrated to Iowa in the late 1800s.

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